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Knee Replacement Surgery & Other Knee Preservation Techniques

Put A Stop To Knee Pain From Walking, Climbing Stairs, & Sitting Down

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Understanding Knee Pain & Knee Arthritis

When Is It Time For A Knee Replacement Surgery?

Nearly 10% of men and 20% of women worldwide suffer from symptomatic knee arthritis. (source)

If you experience the following, we urge you to seek medical attention as soon as possible:

warning sign

Pain in the joints

warning sign

Limping or sharp, stabbing pain in the knees

warning sign

Bow legs

warning sign

Warm feeling, swelling or tenderness in the knees

Symptoms may vary from person to person.

The longer patients delay treatment, the worse the knee’s condition will be in, and the more pain the patient will have to endure.

Say No To Knee Pain

A Long-Term Solution For Chronic Knee Pain - Knee Replacement Surgery


Your quality of life can be severely impaired, basic activities of daily living and work affected, and your mental and physical health compromised with constant and significant knee pain.

If Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods such as tui na massage and acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments or any other alternative healing approaches have failed to treat your knee pain, it is time to consider a knee replacement.

A total knee replacement (TKR) is a surgical procedure to remove the worn-out parts of the knee and replace them with implants. Healthy bones and ligaments are left behind to accommodate the metal femur and tibia implants as well as the plaster liner in between.

Your surgeon may also replace your patella if there is significant wear, and if your patella bone is large enough. A TKR is done to restore motion and function to the knee, enabling patients to return to an active lifestyle.

Robot-arm assisted for better precision and assessment of knee stability during bone cuts

~90-minute surgical procedure

Allowed to walk on the day of the surgery if pain is well managed

Robot-Assisted Knee Replacement

Why Does Dr Mizan Use Robot Arm Makoplasty® For Knee Replacement?

For knee arthritis, Dr Mizan is well trained in the use of robot arm-assisted knee replacement (Makoplasty®). This technique involves the use of pre-operative CT scans to plan the surgery and advanced computer software to determine the appropriate size and positioning of implants. The technology also allows satisfactory stability and range of motion of the knee even before making a single skin incision.

With Makoplasty®, intra-operative adjustments are made to ensure that the pre-operative CT scans correctly reflect reality. The knee will be appropriately stressed during the surgery as needed, imitating everyday movements, to examine the placement and fit of the implants in the knee.

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Another added advantage of a robot arm-assisted knee replacement is the ability to test different implants of varying sizes and only having to make microadjustments where necessary. The computer software advises on the most optimal implant position for the patient to achieve normal stability and movement. Once satisfied with the implant size and position, the surgeon will proceed to make a bone cut to place the implants in the knee.

Makoplasty® is programmed to enhance the precision of the bone cuts made, positioning of the implants, as well as to prevent collateral injury to the adjacent soft tissues. Robot arm-assisted procedures have taken the guesswork out of complex operations such as these, resulting in satisfied patients and successful surgeries.

Lead A Knee Pain-Free Life Again

Knee Replacement Surgery - The Ideal Treatment For Knee Pain

Knee replacement surgeries take about 90 minutes on average, and some patients are even allowed to walk on the same day if pain is well controlled. This is possible with the help of modern approaches and medical technology such as computer and robot-assisted surgeries, employed by Dr Mizan at Orion.

Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

What To Expect Before, During, And After Knee Replacement Surgery

If you or your loved one is undergoing Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery, this provides a brief idea of how the patient is taken care of at Orion by Dr Mizan and his team every step of the way.

  • Before Surgery

  • During Surgery

  • After Surgery

Pre-planning ease of mobility after your surgery, such as procuring a walker or making adjustments to your living space.

Total Knee Replacement generally takes about 90 minutes to complete, depending on the condition and the type of procedure you are going for.

At Orion, Dr Mizan uses Makoplasty®, a robot-arm to assist with is well versed in performing the total knee replacement surgery using conventional methods, with navigation or even the robot-arm assisted technique (Makoplasty®). This robotic technique is used to improve the precision of the bone cuts, optimise the positioning of implants and ensure that the knee is not too loose or too tight once implants are put in.

Patients are allowed to walk on the day of the surgery if pain is well controlled.

It is normal to expect a scar measuring 10 to 15cm on the knee after the surgery. The surgical scar takes two weeks to heal. During this time, dressings are applied to prevent infection and facilitate good healing. The knee will also be wrapped in wool and crepe dressing to stimulate compression and reduce knee swelling, as well as preventing bleeding into the knee after surgery. This compression will be lightened the next day, and ice packs are used to further reduce the swelling.

Non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures such as the keyhole knee replacement surgery will have lower downtime and quicker recovery.

More questions or doubts about knee replacement surgery or knee pain in general? Please read our FAQs or schedule a consultation with Dr Mizan.

✓ Insurance & Medisave claimable

✓ Minimally invasive solutions available

✓ Robot-assisted procedures

With Over 10 Years of Orthopaedic Experience

Meet Our Surgeon


Dr Mizan Marican

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon & Medical Director


Dr Mizan Marican is a highly trained orthopaedic surgeon, specializing in lower limb surgery, namely the hip and knee joints. With over 10 years of orthopaedic experience, he has amassed extensive experience in sports and trauma injuries, as well as degenerative conditions of the hip and knee. His practice is focused on joint preservation and sports injuries (ACL and meniscal surgeries, hip arthroscopy, osteotomies), and joint replacement surgeries of both the hip and knee. He frequently performs the partial or total knee replacement surgery for active patients and is skilled in the use of navigated and robot arm-assisted (MAKOplasty®) knee replacements.

Dr Mizan was awarded the MBBS (Bachelor in Medicine, Bachelor in Surgery) degree from King’s College London in 2005. He worked as a junior doctor in London for two years before returning to Singapore to pursue his postgraduate surgical training in 2010. He was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) of Edinburgh in 2015 to mark the successful completion of his training.

Read his full profile here.

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Patients' Commonly Asked Questions

FAQs About Knee Replacement & Knee-related Pains/Injuries

Should I replace both of my knees at the same time?

A good advice would be to replace the knee with significant pain that has the most impact on your daily activities. After you have recovered, a knee replacement for the other knee can be discussed. Knee replacement surgery for both knees is possible, but only for a small group of patients who meet a certain criterion, including age and underlying medical conditions. Patient safety is of the utmost importance at Orion, and we will provide the best and safest recommendations for our patients.

Am I too old for knee replacement surgery?

Age is simply a number. A knee replacement surgery can be performed on healthy patients. Patients who have significant medical or cardiac problems will be given a thorough review by a cardiologist or anaesthetist before we decide on a surgical procedure. Medical conditions may be optimized first with the appropriate medication and treatment.

How long after the surgery would I be able to walk?

Patients may be allowed to walk on the day of the surgery if pain and post-operative nausea is well controlled. Patients will be guided by a physiotherapist and with the use of a walking frame. We encourage our patients to walk as soon as possible to strengthen their muscles and rebuild their confidence.

Would I be able to walk and run after a knee replacement?

Yes. Most of our patients could walk within the first few days after the knee replacement surgery. Our physiotherapists will also make sure you are safe walking up and down stairs. Not all patients can run after a total knee replacement. We would also prefer that you keep to non-impact sports like brisk walking, cycling, and swimming after your knee replacement to reduce the risk of implant loosening and increase the longevity of your implant.

Do you have any patient stories?

Yes, please visit our patient stories page on our website to read in more detail, including the X-Rays/CT/MRI scans of the affected areas, the approach(es) taken for each special case, the method of surgery, and each patient’s recovery processes.

What are some knee replacement surgery alternatives?

If you do not wish to seek surgical intervention, there are other non-invasive and minimally invasive options such as viscosupplementation. Dr Mizan will advise accordingly depending on your condition during your first consultation and assessment. Knee replacement surgery is not always the answer, but it is often the best option for most patients with knee arthritis.

I have more questions, how can I speak to a doctor?

Please either use the appointment form above, call us at +65 6733 4565 (during office hours), or drop us a text or WhatsApp at +65 9766 4565. We will get back to you within 1 business day for a consultation with Dr Mizan and the necessary screening tests to evaluate your condition.

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